Car accidents are known to be the top reason of why teenagers die early. It is not even a guarantee that a teen has acquired a license because the most dangerous part of a teen having a license is the time of his or her first 18 months of driving. This is mostly due to a lot of distractions and of course very little experience in driving.  

Even if there are safety precautions reminded by parents and being practiced by the teens that are driving, experience in driving inhibits them to be safer than others. Distractions are everywhere to a teen. This can range from a simple message or call from his or her mobile phone to a chit chat with a friend in the backseat. It has been shown in studies as well that when a teen becomes too comfortable in the first 18 months of driving, it is the time where a car accident has a chance to occur.  

There have been studies conducted on why teens are the most at risk when it comes to driving. All drivers however, indulge in a little snack while driving, sometimes there might be an urgent phone call and through these events of simple way of taking the eye off the road, drivers get into accidents.  

However, studies have found that it is not only through texting that these teenagers become the most targeted individuals when it comes to a car crash, because even personalities of each teenager affect his or her safety. Some extroverts like to always talk with everyone in the car and some personalities, the agreeable individuals have been proven to have lesser chances of being involved in accidents.  

This has been shown in studies that agreeable individuals are less likely to be in an accident because they are the ones who follow the rules of the road compared to other teenagers.  

Moreover, even if texting has been tagged as the reason of most accidents that teenagers are involved in, talking to other people inside the car also distracts the driver so much thus why studies have concluded that agreeable people are better at being safe compared to extroverts who are inclined to talking.  

This can be some of the reasons why teenagers get into accidents however if teenagers are well taught on the basics of driving and how they can drive defensively, this will help them in being safe drivers in the future. Enrolling your teens at a driving school that focuses on driving education, instruction and improvement gives them a better chance at taking care of their own welfare. If you are looking for a place to enroll your teen today, driving school in Manassas offers all of these things you are looking for. If your teen already has a license, make sure that he or she improves the driving skills she has. Your teen might have an agreeable personality causing her less chances of accidents on the road but as a parent, you need to take precaution. Book an appointment with them today and have your teen’s welfare protected starting today!