Nowadays, pop-up businesses are becoming more and more well-known because of the fact that businesses want to reach their target audience instead of trying to appeal to them. However, it is simple to get lost in the eyes of your clients by the overwhelming amount of ads and marketing campaigns. Competition is extremely high nowadays.  

Today, we are going to share with you some of the reasons why you should use a repurposed Sierra Madre shipping container structure for your pop-up business.  

Transportable and Modular 

If clients will not have to search for it, they’ll have a better experience. Nowadays, manufacturers create and customize the shipping container pop up on their facility. Then, they will globally transport it. Basically, it is boundary-less placement of products. 

Aside from a pop-up shipping container, you can also put every single one of your products inside when moving from one area to another. This will help you save time on taking down and setting up your pop-up business when you have to move. 

Experiential Marketing 

If you properly invest in a marketing and pop-up business, you can generate a memorable experiential retail business. The concept is to produce a closer connection between your business and your clients by enabling them to interact in an unforgettable and fun experience. If an event from your brand stirs great positive emotions within the consumers, they’re more likely to connect those emotions with your business. This is more effective when compared to any type of ad, just as a social media ad.  

You can customize a shipping container into basically any creative idea you might have. This enables you to represent the aesthetic of your business in any possible way, from interior to exterior. The manufacturer will have a team of architects, designers, and creatives who work together to guarantee the space will offer a welcoming and positive experience for your client.  

Easy, Affordable, and Fast 

Basically, the steps when choosing a shipping container for your pop-up business includes: 

  • First, you have to choose the area you want to place your shipping container pop-up business. 
  • Next, communicate with the custom shipping container company to design your idea with their team. 
  • Lastly, the company will build a custom shipping container based on your needs. Then, they will deliver it to the spot you choose once it is done. 

These are the only steps you will need if you plan out your pop-up business properly. after you have located a spot and obtained a permit, you will visit the company with your concept. The company’s designers will design the shipping container and directly deliver it to your spot. This can be done within less than 2 months. Thus, you will save a lot of time when you compare it to traditional construction.  


Nowadays, most consumers are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly business. Thus, it is a major advantage if your retail space is made of a repurposed shipping container. You’ll certainly attract a lot of clients and consumers with this benefit.